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The ultimate challenge, golf has weathered the centuries, played by kings and commoners in every beautiful corner of the globe. When you choose golf, you align yourself with tradition and the pursuit of perfection; when you choose to golf with Sceptre Tours you place yourself in contention for the ultimate golf vacation. Sceptre offers the finest accommodations in Europe’s most enticing destinations — and, most importantly, the legendary courses that will make your golf experience unforgettable.

Our Golf Vacation Experts know the game and they know golfers too — from scheduling tee times to making dinner reservations, our team of experts does everything but improve your lie. It all starts with a customized itinerary created to meet your specifications and allow you a fully immersive experience that enhances your love of golf — with a heightened focus on the cuisine, culture and lifestyle of the area in which you play. Walk in the footsteps of monarchs, stand in the shadows of the pros; revel in your dreams of golfing glory. Sceptre Tours makes it easy.

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